Sakumono: Married Woman Caught In Lesbianism Act

Drama unfolded at a birthday party in Sakumono, near Accra, on Saturday evening when angry youth beat up a married woman, Mrs. Rukiyatu Morrison, who was allegedly caught red-handed engaging in acts of lesbianism with another lady whose name was only given as Felicia.

According to eyewitness accounts, the woman whose husband is a businessman and so travels frequently had for long been suspected, but not until Saturday when she was caught with the other woman fondling and kissing each other busily in the washroom at the party.

Mrs. Morrison incurred the wrath of the angry Muslim youth in the area who accused her of tarnishing the image of her late father, Alhassan Hibba, who was a renowned Islamic scholar and Imam and whose daughter had the best Muslim training that frowns on acts such as lesbianism.

They attacked and beat up the mother of two and her companion so badly it could have been tragic had it not been for the intervention of a Police patrol team who came to her rescue.  According to neighbours, her husband is currently out of the country on business.


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